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Why not do it for free?

$20,000 phone systems are a thing of the past. CORE will help you implement a new system with the features you need.

Why Core?

Our team of corporate advisors works with our clients and our partners to facilitate strong, lasting relationships. We provide a massive network of business solutions to fit our clients' needs. With backgrounds and partners in every aspect of business management, our team has the experience and credentials to help guide your business toward its intended destination.


We wade through the sales pitches, upselling, negotiation, and confusion typical of most procurement projects to develop the best solution for your needs while you focus on running your business. Feel comfortable knowing you made the best decision on your internet provider, phone system, IT outsourcing, and other dilemmas businesses face every day.

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Our agreements with our partners allow us to provide consultation services to our clients at no cost, and our partners will compete for your business. From startups and family shops to tenured corporations, we provide the same level of customer service and care to each of our customers.

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